Many of us do many of these things but we have to do more than wash our hands. This list is not in any certain order.

1. Drink lots of water.

2. Wake and stretch arms for 10 seconds; to ankles for 10 seconds.

3. Pray for family, friends and enemies.

4. Do 15 minutes if calisthenics twice a day.

5. Watch AM and PM news.

6. Take your meds, vitamins and other regiments.

7. Meal-snack-Meal (MSM).

8. Throw out your junk mail.

9. Clean door knobs and window sills. 

10. Clean bathrooms twice a week.

11. FB twice a day or once.

12. Read; check your email twice a day.

13. Watch your favorite shows.

14. Watch a movie.

15. Gas up your car (keep rubber gloves and sanitizer in car/bag).

16. Go to the market early.

17. Check on a relative,. neighbor or friend.

18. Eat fresh washed and peeled fruit.

18. Keep a journal.

19. Write a letter.

20.'s healthy.

21.Bathe and dress AM and PM.

22. Understand stubborn and impatient behavior.

23. Walk around your yard or complex.

24. Never walk alone.

25. Face-time someone; TIK TOK

26. Brush up on a second language:

27. Brush your teeth three times a day.

28. Look in the mirror and say, "I like you".

29. Make a wrong relationship right.

30. Comb and brush your hair.

31. Tell yourself you're beautiful!.

32. Clean out a drawer or closet(make a goodwill bag; make a trash bag).

33. Computer, board and crossword games.

34. Have peaceful cup of Joe or tea.

35. Rinse with mouthwash and/or peroxide. 

36. Floss...

37. Fix something...

38. Pick a book in the Bible to study each week.

39. Wash hair at least weekly.

40. Paint your nails in bright colors.

41. Soak your feet in epsom salt.

42. Don't believe fake news.

43. Limit chain messages.

44. Don't answer your door to the unknown.

45. Eat healthy with a few guilty pleasures.

46. Wear spring colors.

47. Review your financial monthly plan. See how much MORE you are saving.

48. Dance (for exercise).

49. Google anything you'd like to know.

50. Pull out your crock pot and cook an easy fresh mixed vegetable slow meal.

Bonus: LAUGH at something!

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