​​Ferguson Educational and Consultant Services (FECS) is a small company with a large vision. It is about sharing the wealth of knowledge through research, spirit, and community service. This vision was given to me twenty-one years ago only to evolve during the twenty-first century. Through military travel, numerous educational opportunities, personal, and family experiences, FECS’s services will now surface for ‘better’ in delivering quality information via research, facilitation, and publication productions. Join FECS in sharing and investing in the wealth of knowledge to improve not only our families but our communities as well.


             Dr. Mary J. Ferguson

Winston Salem State University (NC)

St. Mary University (KS)

Nova Southwestern University (FL)

Fayetteville State University (NC)

​​​​Ferguson Education and Consulting Services

Founded 2015

Researcher /Writer                                                                       Grant Writer                                                 Grant Writer        

Federal and State Employment Document Prep                   STEM Internship Service                           Curriculum Design

English Professor                                                                         Tutorials                                                        Community Service Liaison 

Author & Book Talks                                                                    Scholarship Service                                     Professional Development

Webpage Designer/Manager                                                     License K-12 Administrator/Teacher